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Shopfitting process can be a real challenge. That's why we have created a tool especially for you, thanks to our application you can plan your store's space efficiently, to attract as many new customers as possible!

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It's that simple

It's that simple

  • Install the application.
  • With the camera, scan the space where you would like to place new rack.
  • Choose the shopfitting item from any category and place it in the selected spot.
  • Take a picture, save your project or show it on social media.
  • Place an order in the application and enjoy the new shopfitting solutions in your store, and the satisfaction of your customers.

Download free
Mago AR Shopfitting app.

Let us inspire
you with great shopfitting solutions.

For your convenience, we have divided our products into dedicated categories:

Mago AR Shopfitting

Thanks to the latest MAGO AR Shopfitting technology you will be able to set up any model of the rack, checkout counter or promotional stand in your store.

MAGO AR Shopfitting gives you dozens of shopfitting solutions in every business category: Groceries, Fruit and Vegetables, Alcohol, Sports, DIY, Florist, Garden and many more.

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